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Hmm, what to do...

I have a slight dilemma. Though I've dealt this long, so I can deal longer I guess.

Anyway, I was talking to the pharmacist and people that checked me out at the Walmart pharmacy yesterday. They said that Medicaid (which I finally have, yay), will cover test strips for my glucometer, but I need a prescription for them.

Will my psychiatrist at Strong Ties write me a script for them, even tho it's something not for psych reasons? I'm not gonna go crawling to my PCP (he's a moron and refuses to test me for any kind of sugar problem, so I can't "prove" I'm hypoglycemic). He tells me to eat small meals (which I do, just not as frequent as I should cuz I can't stomach that much) and to 'be careful'. You think I'm trying to drive my BG down on purpose? I know I'm self-destructive, but give me an ounce of credit sometime.

You'd think the Tylenol PM incident would've actually helped my case in that respect. Don't remember if I posted that part here or not, but I took the Tylenol w/ 1/2 a 20 oz. bottle of (regular, so not diet) Pepsi. When my BG was checked, it was 50, and that was within about 1/2 hour of taking the pills. I'm not sure if Tylenol PM effects BG or not, but it shouldn't have been that god awful low (well, it's god awful low for me, maybe not someone else). I'm pretty sure I had something to eat that day, but maybe I didn't since when the drugs they gave me at the hospital made me vomit, I threw up blue-green I dunno what it was. I thought maybe the gel coating on the rapid release pills I took, but the Tylenol coating was red and light blue (last I checked, that makes purple, not blue-green). Probably bile or something equally nasty that I threw up. Anyway, between the PM-ness of the Tylenol and the fact that my BG was 50, I guess I was lucky to be able to (sort of) stand up (w/ help and there was no way I was walking, so they had to bring the gurney over to where I was face-planted into the ground).

So, I guess this begs the question that I already asked: will my psychiatrist write me a script for something not related to psych? My next appointment w/ her isn't till Halloween, and I can probably just suck it up and deal until the next appointment. After all, I haven't stuck myself in a couple months, so what's another couple of weeks? I just gotta remember to ask since I tend to forget important stuff when I see docs; writing it down doesn't help cuz I seem to lose those lists.

Speaking of that, I have a question for anyone that might know: do nurses need doctors orders to check a BG, or can they just do it? I ask b/c during my last hospitalization, there was a time (I think the day b4 the day I left?) when I thought I was low in the BG department. I had a bad headache, was dizzy, was shaky, and couldn't get up w/out almost falling over. They just basically told me to drink juice and eat my lunch, but they never stuck me to check. I wasn't sure if they could've done this w/out an order. You'd think w/ my history they would've stuck me, but who knows. I did manage to choke down some juice and a little food (and thus felt ok enough to walk, well stagger/limp, to my room at least).
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