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I've been to a nutritionist and my diet plan is 6-7 meals a day of 30 grams carbohydrates with 14 grams protein at each meal. Depending on my day--work or not-work--I can go from 2-3 hours between meals. For the most part, I have been happy with how this is working. (it's been about a month)

However, the last few days have NOT been good. As is typical, my fasting blood sugar is 80-85. But around 1 1/2--2 hours after eating breakfast, it shoots up to 95--105. And the anxiety/mood swing/depression begins (I am also in the midst a of a depression right now). Then I eat my next meal--and a 1/2 hour after that I'm up to 120--with EXTREME anxiety/depression. I'm not having lows in blood sugar, I'm having (for me) highs.

Can anyone tell me if they have similar reactions? Is this normal? Am I possibly ultra-sensitive to changes of any sort vs. experiencing the typical lows of a hypoglycemic?

ANY help would be much appreciated!

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