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I've been to a nutritionist and my diet plan is 6-7 meals a day of 30 grams carbohydrates with 14 grams protein at each meal. Depending on my day--work or not-work--I can go from 2-3 hours between meals. For the most part, I have been happy with how this is working. (it's been about a month)

However, the last few days have NOT been good. As is typical, my fasting blood sugar is 80-85. But around 1 1/2--2 hours after eating breakfast, it shoots up to 95--105. And the anxiety/mood swing/depression begins (I am also in the midst a of a depression right now). Then I eat my next meal--and a 1/2 hour after that I'm up to 120--with EXTREME anxiety/depression. I'm not having lows in blood sugar, I'm having (for me) highs.

Can anyone tell me if they have similar reactions? Is this normal? Am I possibly ultra-sensitive to changes of any sort vs. experiencing the typical lows of a hypoglycemic?

ANY help would be much appreciated!

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You know, I don't know that I've experienced problems from my BG going higher than normal, but I rarely test unless I'm worried about lows, so it's certainly possible. I know I get cranky on days when I've gone high though, usually when I indulge in sweets (my own fault, I know I shouldn't).

May I ask what you're doing for carbs and proteins? It makes a big difference in my life to stay away from anything processed. As in, if I can't tell what sort of plant/animal it came from, I try not to even have it in the house. And even then I go for minimally processed everything. I can really feel a difference when I slip up and eat crap.
Also- what are you doing/how much fats are you getting? Given the choice, I've found that I do better if I eat more fats (and protein) and avoid carbs whenever possible. I'm no Atkins dieter by any means, since I am in LOVE with pasta, but fat is good for helping even out the speed at which meals are digested and keeping BG steadier.
thanks for your input! i am trying to pay more attention to which meals cause the highs....i think (but it's too early to tell since i'm just starting to check) that the meals that include more fat may not cause the extremes. as for the processed question, this is also something i'm just beginning to investigate. i've been very very very careful so far to not "cheat" so it's not a sugar question. and i haven't changed my food choices over the last month (it was working so i didn't want to mess with it). i'm also investigating the vicious cycle of stress/bs changes/stress--i.e. which causes which! i guess the frustrating part is that it seemed to be working and now isn't....

i appreciate your taking the time to comment!