kandy_kaine (kandy_kaine) wrote in hyp0glycemia,

any help appreciated

Hello i need some advice/help of anykind.

I have not been diagnosed and im wondering if there is anypoint in getting a doctor to properly diagnose me or not? I do have an anxiety disorder and an ovarian cyst! Its confusing because i think i am also hypoglycemic. what do u think ?
I wake up feeling dizzy and have head rushes. I feel like the lights are always too bright. I feel drained most of the time and dizzy/week. On days where my anxiety level is low i still feel light headed. Sometimes i feel like i cant concentrate cause my head feels heavy and i feel out of wack. i urinate frequently and i am almost always spaced out and im getting sick of it. Sometimes i feel like its not just my anxiety doing this that i feel so much more anxious cause i feel this way!!!
what type of symptoms do u feel?
What do i dooo?
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