they called me the door to eden (fey_seraph) wrote in hyp0glycemia,
they called me the door to eden

3 weeks after diagnosis

Things are definitely getting more under control. I do eat sugars, and although perhaps I could have an even more reliably stable blood glucose level if I didn't, it's manageable this way. I try to keep sugar intake under 15 g at a time, at maximum, and preferably below 6g.

An ideal meal seems to be meat and a salad. More often, I eat wheat pasta, wheat bread, cheese, veggies, and fruit. My doctor said I'm still eating too many carbs, but it's hard not to.* I will be seeing a nutritionist at some point.

The biggest problem for me with having stabilized my sugars is that I am gaining weight. Regular meals have put me on the higher side of average, whereas I used to be underweight. I model and have other reasons for not wanting this weight, but the things that I can eat tend to be higher in fat, and I am not skipping any meals, even when I'm not hungry.

My solution to this so far is to exercise more. That helps. I'm doing a lot of walking with the dogs and weight lifting and other strength building. I have some muscle definition but its too soon to see if I can slim down this way without dieting.

Any suggestions?

*I don't eat fish or seafood of any kind, and I do eat meat although I hate it. I also don't eat any beans except for soybeans and chickpeas.
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